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Comprehensive Disinfection

Fog-Ez automated system provides disinfection schedule optimization and full coverage control for your business or facility by making it easy to neutralize pathogens within your facility. System programming around your schedule. Dry fog technology is the superior approach to traditional cleaning practices. 100% coverage and 99.9999% pathogen inactivation.


Full Coverage Infection Control

Our mission was to develop a system that delivers a solution to combat pathogen of any sort in your everyday environment. We have designed a permanently installed system for delivering any type of CDC, EPA or FDA approved chemical with minimal effort. The system can be programmed around your operating schedule. Traditional cleaning practices require additional effort and ongoing cost to your operating budget and often resulting in missed surfaces.  Fog-Ez dry fog technology provides 100% coverage and is a one-time investment for the installation which only requires chemical replenishment and continuously provides pathogen prevention on a preprogrammed schedule. Thus, allowing savings and piece of mind.


100% coverage and 99.9999% pathogen inactivation

An effective mitigation strategy to reduce risk of exposure to COVID-19 (Corona Virus) and other pathogens.

The versatile, scalable, and customizable Fog-Ez system allows us to serve any business and industry needs. Infection prevention and control is essential across all industries. Our system allows for automated, contact-less disinfection that is scheduled around the needs of our clients and their industry. Our disinfectant system protects and shields personnel from harmful chemicals, while cost effectively and efficiently controlling pathogens on any scale.

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