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Every industry is different and we know what you need to better serve you.



Disinfecting of cruise ships can be a daunting task. With many high contact surfaces, large numbers of visitors for extended periods, and a short turn over time in between voyages, and the unique obstacles of a water vessel, deep cleaning for cruise lines is a big job. Fog-Ez's automated and scalable system can easily work within the already established construction of a cruise liner, with the added benefit of not requiring extra storage space like portable methods of decontamination. Cleaning staff will not have to worry about exposure to dangerous chemicals in such a contained space. 100% coverage of the vessel's surfaces allows crew to focus on other tasks, creating a more efficient and cost effective method of cleaning and disinfection during and between voyages.


Balancing healthcare facilities need for disinfection, safety of staff and patients, and ease of use can seem like a daunting task, especially during the busiest times. Our fully automated system, adjusted for facility needs, has high efficacy with 100% coverage and 99.9999% pathogen inactivation due to the system's dry fog technology. Staff and facilities managers can let Fog-Ez take care of the facility surface decontamination, saving on cost and allowing staff to focus more on the health of patients without the worry for their personal safety compared to less effective technologies.

Our school systems are some of the most sensitive facilities when it comes to disinfection and pathogen control. Germs are easily spread throughout buildings on desks, chairs, athletic equipment, and doors. With Fog-Ez's 100% dry fog coverage, every high touchpoint and close contact surfaces are disinfected without the fear of cross contamination between surfaces or not leaving disinfectant on surfaces long enough to kill the germs. All areas of the room are reached, including surfaces that small hands can easily get to, but adults may have trouble accessing. Janitorial staff can focus on other deep cleaning and necessary areas, while FogEz thoroughly treats class rooms, auditoriums, and cafeterias with one thorough and automated system.



The cost of extra staff and outside services can put a real strain on office budgets. Having to schedule after hours staff or services, while keeping sensitive documents safe, and also disinfecting facilities for the health of staff is a lot to manage. With Fog-Ez's system, even the smallest office spaces can have an efficient, automated solution that is more cost effective and safe. The dry fog system is more efficient and won't leave surfaces damp for staff returning to the office after disinfection. All Fog-Ez requires is a utility closet or similar space to install the system and is flexible enough for any fast paced office environment.

Restaurant and Retail

Restaurants and shop spaces are some of the most high contact industries. With a high volume of customers coming and going, sanitation is incredibly important for the health and safety of both staff and visitors. Food contamination can be a dangerous threat for customer safety if surfaces aren't properly disinfected. Our scalable system can fit in any restaurant and retail facility size and work around operations needs with our simple automated system. 100% coverage of facilities will ensure health and safety standards are met, without the needed extra cost of man-power or outside services.

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